The Pragmatic Strategist – Think Bigger. T.J. Does

T.J. demonstrates many of the behaviors we see in managers who are realistic about their role in their company’s strategy and how they build a supporting strategy for their unit. Yesterday we mentioned two behaviors we see in T.J. Here are three more. The final behaviors will be described on Monday, including the one behavior that keeps her from failure.

The Pragmatic Strategist

T.J., like all Pragmatic Strategists, knows she has to think about context and “think bigger.” She ……

  • Uses the organization’s vision, values, and goals to vet needed changes to her unit. >>> If not, her unit will not be aligned with the larger organization.
  • Can define the changes needed in other units if her plan is to succeed and then influences other managers and individuals to bring about these changes. >>> If not, she will be dealing with fluff. (Or alternatively, will find future barriers and stumbling blocks to her unit’s execution of plans.)
  • Evaluates problems and opportunities and their potential resolutions from multiple points of view. >>> If not, she will have a strategy based on hope alone.

There are four more behaviors we see in T.J.’s planning and action. I’ll send them along on Monday. We hope you enjoy your weekend.

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