A Dozen Realities — updated

When Oliver Cummings and I created the Making Strategy Real workshop for MindPrep Resource Center (www.mindprep.com) we used a dozen “known truths” to guide our design.

Now the question is whether these pre-pandemic truths need to be modified for a post-pandemic world. Here are some initial thoughts:

The business environment is always evolving.Wow! The pandemic changed regular industry evolution into creative destruction in a few weeks. The world is different!
Respond fast enough — or become irrelevant.Some companies will not survive; the ones that do will have to change fast.
You may not set strategy, but you must influence it.Middle managers will be more involved than ever in the creation of functional and company strategy.
You can’t implement fluff.Leaders will have to stress clarity in their messages about strategy. The workforce won’t have the time to “figure it out.”
Change always ripples.True more so than ever. Many things will be changing at once and interrelationship management will determine success.
CEOs don’t run projects – you do.Managers will continue to “make it happen” and decision making will have to move closer to the point of action.
Resources are limited and trade-offs always exist.Many organizations will be severely resource-constrained and will have to practice strategic-triage.
Strategy is just ideas until managers make it happen.This is a timeless truth. Thinking is nice, but execution is essential.  Managers execute.
Projects make strategy happen.Great project leadership skills will be needed more than ever. This is a missing skill-set in too many organizations.
Intention and execution need to balance.Great plans without the ability to execute effectively will doom many struggling companies.
Stuff happens!We were not ready for COVID-19. What makes us think that there won’t be more surprises? We need to build anticipatory skills.
Use the A-Team ….. or else ….Always true and even more so as we come out of the crisis. Expertise, not opinion, will help us intercept the future.

Consider the “known truths” for your organization. Maybe they need to be examined and reconsidered.

Best wishes for 2021.

Photo credit: Guido Klumpe on VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA

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