The Pragmatic Strategist: Be Like T.J.

T.J. demonstrates many of the behaviors we see in managers who are realistic about their role in their company’s strategy and how they build a supporting strategy for their unit. Here are two behaviors we see in T.J. More will follow in the coming days.

The Pragmatic Strategist

T.J., like all Pragmatic Strategists, has good business acumen. She certainly knows how to run her department. And, she also knows how her department fits into the bigger picture. She ……

  • Understands the organization’s strategy well enough to explain its intent to her team, in terms they understand. >>> If not, they are just “flying blind.”
  • Can describe the organization’s basic business model (i.e., how it makes and uses money). >>> If not, she can’t plan for the proper use of scarce resources. 

Upcoming Course Pilot

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