8 facets of a “good” problem solution

We are offering a complimentary webinar, Resolving Complex Business Problems, as part of our preparations for our new Pragmatic Leadership series of workshops. (You can learn more about the webinar HERE.)

A question always arises when we discuss the work of resolving complex problems – “What’s a good solution?” We can glibly respond with “that depends on what the stakeholders want.” But what do they want and are they all in agreement?

The answer to the second part of the question is almost always “No!” What may make the CFO happy might really upset HR. And, certainly, “management” and the workforce have different wants and need.

The best you can do is to explore the eight facets shown in the graphic and break the concept of “good” into multiple avenues of discussion. We will explore these in the webinar and will dig deep in the upcoming course.

That said, you you might want to at least consider the following:

  • Fair: Did you at least listen to all of the stakeholders?
  • Timely: Will you implement the solution now or (much) later?
  • Tailored: Does the solution fit your organization or was it cloned from somewhere else?
  • Doable: Do you have the capabilities and capacity to “make it happen?”
  • Understood: Is the solution explained in terms used by the stakeholders or have you tried to snow them with jargon?
  • Complete: Is this a solution or a band-aid?
  • Future considered: Have you considered the unintended consequences of the implementation?
  • Owned: Does ownership reside with the person who has the authority to implement it?

The webinar dates and times are April 27 at 9:00 AM CT and April 29 at 6:00 PM CT. You can learn more and enroll HERE. Come and join us.

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