Bill Welter


Bill is a consulting-educator with over 50 years of experience spanning four separate careers: military, engineering, consulting and education.

He’s a founding Principal of MindPrep Resource Center, a small business that specializes in helping business leaders and professionals become better thinkers and leaders. He does this through writing, speeches, workshops, team facilitation, and one-on-one coaching.

Bill has written five books.

  • He is the lead co-author of The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions, and Solve Problems (Jossey-Bass, 2006).
  • He co-authored Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition: 12 Strategies to Renew Your Business (Adams Media, 2010).
  • He authored an e-book for Adams Media in 2011: Rightsizing Your Business: Breakthrough Strategies to Create a Flexible and Profitable Business in Any Economy
  • MindLab II was published in 2014 to provide short exercises to improve critical thinking.
  • Demystifying Business Strategy was published in 2019. This concise workbook is focused on helping leaders answer six questions that demand solid answers.

Bill has an undergraduate degree in Socio-Technical Systems Engineering and an MBA.

Contact: Telephone: (312) 802-6476 or Offices are in Loveland, Colorado.