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MindPrep Resource Center offers effective multimedia solutions to help leaders improve their strategic thinking and address complex business challenges. Our online leadership training tools are designed for leaders and middle managers to initiate and direct their own learning, 24×7.


Our workshops are self-paced and designed for leaders who are ready to prepare for the future and implement new strategic initiatives at work. Workshops are asynchronous and are available with or without facilitator coaching. Current and Upcoming Workshops:

Making Strategy Real - The Journey

Making Strategy Real – the Journey is an asynchronous 12-module workshop that addresses the journey a manager must take after a significant strategic initiative has been announced.

After completing this course (and DOING the activities) you will be able to:

  • Prioritize your activities and balance your “day job” with the need to implement new organization strategic initiatives.
  • Define the changes that must take place in your unit to execute the new strategy.
  • Defend your request for changes in other business units.
  • Define the barriers to success and what you will do to overcome these barriers.
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How to Solve Complex Business Problems - The Journey (Coming Soon)

Solve Complex Business Problems is an asynchronous, 12-module workshop focused on the task facing many emerging leaders and middle managers, namely the task of solving tough complex problems. Problems abound in the business and the person or team who can resolve these problems as quickly and efficiently as possible is highly valued. A difficulty is that when we sense a problem, we feel the need to come up with “the answer” right away. Sometimes that works, but at other times it leads us down the wrong path. This online workshop is built around a set of questions that we suggest you answer before you select your solution.

Critical and Strategic Thinking Workshop (Coming Mid-2020)

Coming Mid-2020

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Let’s Think: Eight Skills You Need

This mini-course is a summary of The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions and Solve Problems, a book I co-authored in 2006 and used as the basis of a multi-day workshop I’ve presented globally to thousands of participants. These skills are observing, imagining, reasoning, reflecting, challenging, deciding, learning, and enabling others. The skills may seem obvious, but I know from many years of discussions that not all are regularly used in many organizations.

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Essentials of Strategic Thinking

All of us think, but some of us think better than others. And better thinking is needed at all levels during times of “creative destruction.” This course will provide practical tools and techniques to improve skills that are needed as we undertake the basic strategic thinking responsibilities of all emerging or established leaders. We are expected to: SENSE the signals of change; MAKE SENSE of these signals ; DECIDE on a course of action; and ACT AND LEARN.

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Try one FREE! Mini-Courses are perfect for the time-constrained leader. Course content is less than 45-minutes long and can be easily viewed on tablets or phones.

Publications: Available Through Amazon

Demystifying Business Strategy: Six Questions That Demand Solid Answers

Strategy, your plans for success at all levels in an organization, must be clear and concise. Otherwise it can’t be implemented. Here are six questions that demand solid answers if your are going to take the mystery out of your strategy and make it understandable to those who are or will be tasked to “make it real.” This concise workbook provides proven tools and techniques that you can use to take the mystery out of your organization’s strategy.

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The Prepared Mind of a Leader: Eight Skills Leaders Use to Innovate, Make Decisions, and Solve Problems

In a complex business climate, people need to make informed decisions and learn how to think flexibly. A leader’s most important asset is the ability to sense changes in the environment and adapt to them quickly. The Prepared Mind of a Leader presents an original and effective way to think more flexibly about innovation, strategy, change, and problem solving. 

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Rethink, Reinvent, Reposition: 12 Strategies to Renew Your Business and Boost Your Bottom Line

Is your business struggling to stay afloat? Are you overwhelmed by the challenge of building an organization that can be a market leader? Well, now is the time to stop going in circles—find a new direction and re-imagine your company. In this hard-hitting guide, renowned international corporate consultants and professors Leo Hopf and William Welter show how to breathe new life into your firm.

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Rightsizing Your Business: Breakthrough Strategies to Create a Flexible and Profitable Business in Any Economy

Ever since the recession hit, “downsizing” has been the corporate mantra. Cut overhead, increase profitability, and the future will take care of itself. Most pundits agree that this is a shortsighted approach, especially in a volatile economy. While cutting overhead increases quarterly profit in the short term, it weakens an organization for the longterm.

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MindLab II: A Place to Think (Volume 2)

This book was prepared as part of Adaptive Strategies’ workshops. It contains short stories and exercise to help the reader with an ongoing “mental workout” routine. Have some fun; use your mind.

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